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[#12] Here Comes The Squirtle Squad (2/2)

It's Pikachu! Squirtle. Obviously. The episode is called "Here Comes The SQUIRTLE Squad". If you couldn't get that, then what the crap is wrong with you? SQUIRTLE SQUAD. It's not going to be a Pupitar, now is it? Get with the program, Pokéman masters.

Now Ash and the crew are all tied up in a cave and stuff.

Pikachu is confined to a cage, and well, he isn't looking so great. He needs a potion or else, gasp, he might not make it! GASP! Pikachu was knocked out by a single attack from a Goldeen, hell, those wild Goldeen must be Lv.68 or something, bloomin' heck.

Ash used CONVINCE. It failed! The Squirtle still think that Meowth is the leader of Team Rocket and that something something Ash's Pikachu needs a potion DAMN IT do something jeeeeeez.

Ash cries. The Squirtle believe him. That's how it goes. Cry kids, and you'll have your way! Show your parents up in the store, and they will buy you the thing you want to stop you crying--flashback to how I behaved all snotty in childhood, I must have been a right rotten piece of work.

Ash jets off. This is also the coolest screenshot from the whole episode so lap it up.

Ash heads into town to get SUPER POTION. If he isn't back by noon tomorrow Misty will get her hair dyed purple! Such a catastrophe! Either way, Ash is going to get SUPER POTION from town, and we get an unlikely cameo too which is pretty sweet you'll see soon and all that jazz.

Ash trips up, crosses a deadly bridge, all the name of science compassion PIKACHU. He falls int he river and gets stabbed up the arse by a Goldeen. I lied, this is the coolest screenshot from this episode. So lap it up.

Ha ha ha, oh wow, so funny.

Ash comes strolling into town using a large stick for a crutch. I think this is supposed to symbolize the hardship he goes through for the sake of Pikachu. Or something.

And here comes our cameo, blink, you'll miss it.

Oh, and Ash is out all stone cold. Meanwhile, it turns night, and then day. Oh, and Team Rocket robs the store. Takes some ice powder or something and some floss for their teeth? Who writes this stuff? Rhetorical question, OK, I'm sure I could look that up.

Warning, guns approaching! May or may not be actual guns intended to maim and kill, in a children's cartoon. This requires a disclaimer!


Ah, such is my legal obligation. I don't want to be seen condoning violence against ten year olds.

And in that brief moment, the series could have been over and we could all go home. Unfortunately, that just isn't the way things go. All we need is for one time, watching this episode, for Ash to actually get shot--


Oh sorry. Officer Jenny turns up and saves the day. Drives Ash back to the cave where the gang are all tied up and stuff. Oh, and Team Rocket intend to drop bombs to "scare the shells off" the Squirtle Squad so that they can capture Pikachu. Yet right now, they sort of have dominion over a squad of incredibly powerful Pokémon, but, y'know, whatever.

Anyway, Jenny shows Ash her an opening pair of legs to the cave. Ash has a feel around and goes through. Uses Charmander as a torch, that's all you're good for, fiery salamander creature! 

Manual labour? You're no better than AJ!

Oh look, Team Rocket didn't play fair. What a surprise.

They laugh, they cry. It changes their life.

A comment is made about how the Squirtle Squad were bluffing about changing Misty's hair colour. In the Japanese, they straight up threatened to kill her. Yeah, but they were still bluffing. By the way, that's why Ash has that vision of Misty being thrown down a pit or chasm or something, for reference.

Team Rocket set off an explosion, recite the motto... Meowth climbs up the ladder thrown out from the Team Rocket balloon, carrying injured Pikachu! And then they start pelting Ash and crew, plus the Squirtle Squad, with bombs! Oh the humanity!

They head to take cover in the cave, but the leader of the Squirtle Squad fell on his back.

Dead weight. Let the walkers have him.

Ash rescues Squirtle because, durr, he's getting one at the end of the episode, surr, it might as well be his compassion, murr, that lets him get one, burr.

OK, I lied again. This is the best shot. Squirtle carries Ash to safety while NOT LOOKING AT AN EXPLOSION. Lap it up.

Ash and Squirtle climb to the top of the hill, Ash tells Squirtle to Water Gun, Team Rocket are defeated, Ash saves Pikachu.

Team Rocket caused a fire, the Squirtle Squad put the fire out, the Squirtle Squad are considered heroes and get medals, Squirtle Squad leader joins Ash.


Hip hip hooray, hip hip HIPFLASK I need a drink...

"One more adventure, one more new friend. But there's much more excitement, waiting just 'round the bend!"

Yeah, the U-Bend.

This episode has the PokéRap on the end. Shake out those lips, it's downhill from here.

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