Saturday, 23 November 2013


Two more soundtracks have entered my possession - Pokemon Gotta Catch 'em All (also known as the 2 B A Master soundtrack) and Pokemon The First Movie soundtrack. 

Friday, 22 November 2013

I bought a CD... and got stickers!

I bought Pokémon 3: The Ultimate Soundtrack and inside was a packet of stickers! I almost don't want to open them. Pokémon Stickers 2001, published by Merlin. I can't find any decent information online about this run of stickers, or even the book that they would have been stuck into. It's just another oddity to add to my collection, I guess. You never know, I might come across more stickers, or the sticker book, at a boot fair.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

[#8] The School of Hard Knocks (2/2)

He was born to be bone... it's Pikachu Cubone!

[#8] The School of Hard Knocks (1/2)

"As our story continues, we once again find our friends travelling together on their Pokémon journey in perfect harmony..."

Yeah, right. They're bickering as usual, and then Brock makes a fourth wall breaking reference to the fact they've got to start the show. It's filler time, people.

[#7] The Water Flowers Of Cerulean City (2/2)

Oh good, you got it. We're still friends.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

[#7] The Water Flowers Of Cerulean City (1/2)

The episode begins with a flashback discussing how Ash Ketchum, the determined young fraud trainer from Pallet, is on a journey to become the world's greatest Pokémon fraud Master. The flashback focuses on his 'fierce' battle with Gym Leader Brock. Let me assure you, there was nothing fierce about that battle!

Hold it! Is that sign in Japanese? You missed one, 4Kids. Anyway, with the flashback safely over, we can begin the episode. Title card, please.