Wednesday, 20 November 2013

[#8] The School of Hard Knocks (2/2)

He was born to be bone... it's Pikachu Cubone!

The situation exacerbates quickly. The kid whose name we still either don't know, or I've failed to pay attention to, leads Ash, Brock and Misty to the computer lab where Giselle often practices. There, you can run mock battles on a simulator. I wonder what it is reminding me of. No, can't think of it.

I guess I can't figure it out. Misty comments on how a simulation is nothing like the real thing, and challenges the kid to a battle. Especially after mocking Ash Ketchum's two gym badges, and belittling Misty and Brock's skills as gym leaders.

This kid really is a snooty prick. I hope he never graduates. What a shit.

Super sleuths, Team Rocket, watch from a distance.

Despite Misty's flagrant disregard for type advantages, her Starmie is still oodles more powerful than the kid's Weepinbell. In short, it was a massacre. Without the blood, but it was a massacre all the same.

Giselle makes her appearance on the scene.

Giselle rips into the kid. Screw it, I'm going to go look up his name, because I'm sure we were told and I didn't hear it. Joe, apparently. 

Giselle belittles Joe for not knowing his opponent was stronger than him. Misty gets angry at Giselle's mean and arrogant personally and challenges her to a battle. Didn't anybody get the memo? Pokémon are not to be used in personal fights. It is disrespectful to the Pokémon and their feelings. Word.

Giselle calls out Graveller, despite knowing that rock type Pokémon are weak against water types. Gravelle, however, is at such an advanced stage that it can beat water Pokémon.

Misty can't believe she was beaten. I can't believe she was beaten either. That Graveller would have to be around 20 levels higher for the water gun to do such little damage.

Ash jumps to Misty's defense, and Giselle starts belittling him. She picks on him for having a Pikachu that doesn't want to go into its Pokéball. She rips him apart for only having three Pokémon. She calls him a beginner for having only two badges.

"Pikachu make great pets for little girls. What? You didn't know that!? And you've already got two badges!? HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW"


Of course Ash is going to get angry. Of course he is going to retaliate. Ash calls out Pikachu. Giselle calls out Cubone. Pikachu uses Thunder Shock on Cubone, but it doesn't work. Cubone uses Leer. Pikachu pulls a silly face. Cubone uses Bone Club.

Pikachu pulls off some amazing moves in a string of pure awesome.



Fury Swipes.

That was awesome.

Cubone can't take the heat and should get out of the kitchen. This is the Big Boy League. In your face, Giselle.

So, we've almost got through a whole episode without a confrontation between Ash Ketchum and the infamous Team Rocket. So without further ado about nothing, here's nothing!

And here's Team Rocket.

Their appearance is short and pointless, as they are immediately challenged to a battle by not only Giselle, but all of her admirers fellow students. 

Defeated by a rain of Pokéballs. I remember a time, in the second episode, when Team Rocket appeared to be competent villains. But now, they're a cheap joke. Anybody else think that shot of Jessie is a bit too suggestive? Team Rocket escape with nothing. Not even their own dignity.


Joe and Giselle make up. Joe is going to become a Pokémon Trainer, like Ash. Giselle is going to stay at the school. The two promise to meet again someday. Giselle reveals that she has a picture of Joe, much the same as Joe has a picture of her. 

Ash asks Misty why he and her can't get along that well. Misty responds, "That's because HE doesn't owe HER a bike!"

Oh come on, it's more than that, Misty! It's because you can't admit your feelings!

"So as Ash and his friends journey on, they take one last look at the school where they learned so much."

This episode appears to have the Pokérap on the end. It did feel a little bit short so I'm not surprised it does.

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